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Description: PCGS - Professional Coin Grading Service: "PCGS's staff of graders is selected from an elite group of world-class numismatic experts. Each grader is experienced not only in the PCGS standards, but also in the proper handling of all numismatic items. During grading, each coin is carefully and independently examined. PCGS utilizes a grading scale based on published standards and an extensive grading set of coins. Once the grading process is complete, the coin (with a certification tag indicating its individual identification number, denomination and grade), is sonically sealed inside a tamper-evident coin capsule. Finally, it is returned to the grading room for verification by another expert. Only after this final verification is the coin returned to the marketplace with its guaranteed PCGS grade".
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Description: NCS - Numismatic Conservation Service: "Founded in February 2001, Numismatic Conservation Services, LLC (NCS) is devoted to the growth and preservation of numismatics. As a leading authority in numismatic conservation, NCS experts are uniquely qualified to provide professional conservation services for dealers and collectors alike. With a pledge of integrity, impartiality and responsibility, NCS provides a service that serves to expand and enrich the hobby. The selection of NCS as the official conservation service of the American Numismatic Association is further assurance of the integrity and quality of NCS services. In addition to its world-class Professional Conservation Service, NCS offers two certification options: Authentication and Encapsulation & Details Grading for Problem coins"
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Description: ICG - Independent Coin Grading : "ICG's attractive, tamper-evident holder is sonically sealed and features ICG's SECUREGRAMTM hologram system. They also offer a Intercept Shield. Intercept was developed by Lucent Technologies Bell Labs. It helps prevent your coins from spotting, discoloring or tarnishing for years. It is used by more the four hundred of the Fortune 500 companies. The Intercept Shield gasket and box system is available exclusively from ICG".
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Description: ANACS - American Numismatic Association Certification Service: "ANACS graders have encyclopedic knowledge of coins, backed by more than 50 years of combined grading experience. Their graders have attributed more die varieties, by more reference books, for a longer period of time than all other certification companies combined. Their graders understand coin collectors' needs, particularly the need for accuracy. Auction results consistently demonstrate that ANACS certified coins realize fair market value in the open market environment. What's more, collectors can submit coins directly to ANACS".
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